Dear TRA/TMO representative

As you know, Thames Water have now ended their contract with us and are collecting water charges from Camden tenants. All tenants should now have received their first bill from Thames Water and should no longer be paying the council with their rent.

Thank you to all TRA reps who have supported throughout the changeover by sharing campaign materials with other residents, including putting up posters. This has been a huge help in getting the changeover messaging to tenants.

We have produced the third and final poster (please see attached) with a checklist for tenants to ensure that they are no longer paying the council for their water, and to encourage tenants to apply for Watersure Plus, a tariff where eligible tenants can get a discount of up to 50% on their water bills.

These posters are available to all TRAs. If you previously requested Thames Water posters, this week we will send the same number to you as we did last time. If you didn’t previously request posters but would like to be supplied with some, or you require more posters than you were sent last time, please email with the quantity and size of posters you need, your TRA and the postal address. For any other queries about the Thames Water changeover please visit email or call 020 7974 4444.

Thank you for your assistance throughout this campaign.

See the poster here: 3048.3 Thames Water_A4 poster_v3