No Hot Water For Days

For the last 8 days (since Thu, 22nd, Feb 2024), the whole estate has been experiencing a loss of hot water. In the best situation, the water is lukewarm and unsuitable for bathing or washing dishes. Many residents have called the council and GEM contractors and complained, but nothing has happened.

Sign our petitions today

Today, we have introduced two new petitions, asking for your support. The first one is about the appalling situation with the central heating and hot water while the second is against unauthorised alterations to flats without written permission.

Another successful AGM

Curnock Street TRA held its Annual General Meeting yesterday on the SPCC. Garry Malcolm from the housing department was present as well as many residents.

Curnock TRA Meeting

10th March 2024









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The Curnock Street Tenants and Residents Association represent the views of tenants and residents to the local authority, Camden Council and any other public authority or organisation providing services to local residents.

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