Plants against ASB

In conjunction with Camden Council, Curnock Street TRA has requested from the Ground Maintenance to help them to reduce Anti Social Behaviour by planting such plants that will deter people for sitting on the communal areas or hide things. See progress

Future Security Ideas

The reason for the proposed installation of new gates is the reduction of the ASB inside the estate and especially on the path between Trimdon and Hickleton. See progress

LFB Covers (Nov 2021)

An LFB security device has been fitted on all 13 communal entrance doors on the estate to prevent the use of the usual LFB key which can be bought cheaply online. This cover prevents unauthorised access by non-residents who engage in ASB activities. Access Project Details

Security Gates Part 1 (2018-2021)

The reason for the installation of the new gates was the reduction of the ASB inside the estate and especially on the path between Barnbrough and Goldthorpe. Access Project Details

Waste Bins (2018)

The new housing for the waste and recycle bins prevents people for accessing the bin bags as well as improve the appearance of the communal area. Access Project Details


Perimeter Fencing

By fencing the estate and keeping the ASB people away of the estate, the crime will be reduced significantly and the communal areas could be used again for the residents’ leisure activities and well-being. See progress

Solar Panels

We are proposing to use solar panels to all our roof tops in order to reduce our carbon footprint and become more energy efficient.



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