This petition is about the central heating and hot water services around our estate and the need for Camden Council to listen, take action and show their duty of care for their residents. Those issues are:

  1. Constant loss of service to some or all flats
  2. Confusion about reporting issues and refusal from the council’s repair team and GEM to accept calls
  3. Lack of proper proactive maintenance throughout the year
  4. Waste of public money for unnecessary visits from GEM to flats when the problem is clearly in the boiler room

We are asking for the following:

  1. Proactive Maintenance and spare parts are to be available since we are the biggest central heating system in the borough.
  2. Timeline for fixing long-term problems such as rusty pipes which had not been replaced during the original refurbishment, insulation of some pipes so we can reduce energy consumption, etc
  3. Better handling of the problems when something goes wrong as well as frequent updates.
  4. Be able to report a total loss of services online via our accounts with Camden Council so the council can track who has reported it and when.

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For the last few years, the service has been unreliable due to a lack of maintenance and proper service by experienced engineers. Residents experiencing constant problems wither with their heating or hot water services. Reporting the problems is a difficult task at most times. Camden Council repairs ask residents to call GEM and GEM refers customers back to Camden Council. Also the job reference numbers are inconsistent and very confusing. Wrong reference numbers are given to residents which creates problems with GEM.

We are simply asking the council to take action and fix the issues in our estate.

Same as the Central Heating service. Residents constantly have to live their lives without hot water during busy hours or no hot water at all. The excessive alterations within certain flats make the problem much worse and the service less reliable. Please sign the relevant petition for the unauthorised alterations within flats at: 

We are simply asking the Council to appoint someone to deal with the boiler issues and at the same time to stop allowing alterations that have an adverse effect on neighbouring properties.

Central Heating Disrepair

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End date: Jan 30, 2024

Signatures collected: 41

Signature goal: 50

41 signatures

Signature goal: 50

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Please tell us how the above issues are affecting you and any stories that will help our case to the council so they can take action.

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As a chairman of the TRA, I have raised many issues with the council regarding central heating and hot water. Many inefficiencies have been highlighted, but no action has taken place. Confusing messages are received by different council employees and contractors.

Dimitris P.



Like everyone else on the estate, I have been subjected for several years now to a system when either the heating or the hot water goes off at least once a week. (As I write, the central heating is now off for the fourth day in the past seven!) I am just approaching my seventy-eighth year, and these interruptions are a major risk to my health, which is not at all good at the moment. (I am informed by the Council that I am an ‘enhanced’ tenant, but I might just as well not be for all the difference that it makes.) I have written in many times to complain about tis failure  of the Council to fulfil its responsibilities. Replies frequently express gratification that the system has been switched on again, which completely ignores the fact that what matters to us are the reasons why it keeps going off so regularly in the first place. and what serious measures the Council will take to stop it happening every week of the year.

Jonathan W.


Ever since the boiler house was changed from oil to electric, the heating and hot water issues have been a constant nightmare. Not a week has gone by when there hasn’t been issues with either the hot water or heating going off. We need compensation for all the loss of heating and hot water as we pay an absolute fortune for a service we do not get, and which we are entitled to receive.
Christmas 2022/New Year 2023 we had issues with the heating and at one point there was a leak outside my kitchen window which resulted with steaming hot water coming up through the paving stones, a massive hole had to be dug, this wasn’t put back until early 2023.
Camden Council need to retrain their Repairs Line staff on taking telephone calls, they are so rude, and have no empathy with the caller, we pay their wages! The council have the cheek to say on their telephone line that any rudeness to their Staff won’t be tolerated, it’s about time they look at the way their Staff talk to the Residents, it’s disgusting the way we are treated.
Jane K.



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If your neighbours cannot access the internet then please print the paper form that you can find below. Ask your neighbours to sign it and when the form is complete, please let us know and we will come to collect it.


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