Sign our petition

Sign our petition

We are asking for the council to reinstate a Neighbourhood Officer & Manager, provide us quotes so we can request funds, stop fly tipping, better waste management, address our complaints about lack of action and duty of care for the residents of this estate. Sign...
No Neighbourhood Officer

No Neighbourhood Officer

We have been informed that we do NOT have any Neighbourhood officer assigned to our estate. Ms Bronagh Todd was allowed to move to another area doing exactly the same job without the council first arrange for her replacement. This means that issues like noise, tenancy...

New Security Proposals

Curnock Street TRA in conjunction with the residents is trying to find ways to make the estate safer for all residents. Please read our recent proposals and give us your feedback.

Heating & Hot Water Services

The heating and the hot water services were not functional since Sunday 26th December 2021. GEM has managed to restore the hot water on the 28/12/2021 and the heating service on Friday 31/12/2021 to all blocks. After another leak on the 02/01/2022 in front of Hickleton the heating service was down for half a day.

Delivery & Installation Dates

We have been informed that: “The locks are due in the W/C 15/11 and the installation is booked in for the W/C 22/11 and will be finished by the end of that week. I will update you nearer the time. Kind regards Jonathan Windsor Neighbourhood...

DMC Bid for LFB locks was successful

Curnock Street TRA’s bid for LFB security locks for all 13 communal doors was successful. DMC has approved our bid for approx. £10,500 with 9 votes for and none against. As soon as we have more information about the timeframe of works, we will update...