As part of the constitution, Curnock TRA adopts an equal opportunities statement and incorporates these principles in all areas of our work.


  • Camden has a diverse and multi-cultural population with people of various backgrounds and abilities, Curnock TRA recognises that all sections of the community have a positive contribution to make to the life of the borough, Curnock TRA will represent the interests of all local tenants and residents to the best of its ability.
  • We will take steps to make our group as representative of the local community as possible. We will ensure that all meetings and any other group activities are accessible and welcoming to all local residents.
  • We recognise that we may need to seek advice and information to ensure the group remains aware of the needs of the local area. To do this we will work with local groups and Camden.
  • All individual members of Curnock TRA will be responsible for helping the group to meet these aims.
  • Any resident who feels that they have not been treated fairly and equally by Curnock TRA can raise this with Camden’s Tenant and leaseholder engagement team.


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