The Curnock Street Tenants and Residents Association re-established on 12th October 2016 and aims to:

  • Promote the exercise of the rights of tenants and residents and the maintenance and improvement of their housing conditions, amenities and environment.
  • Represent the views of tenants and residents to the local authority, Camden Council and any other public authority or organisation providing services to local residents.
  • Provide facilities for recreation and amenity and to encourage community cohesion and the development of community spirit.
  • Promote the harmonious functioning of a cohesive multi-ethnic community and to work towards the elimination of all forms of discrimination within it.

All council tenants, leaseholders, and private tenants living in properties on the Curnock Street Estate are free to join.


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If you would like to join the TRA as a representative for your block please get in touch.  As a representative you will be able to attend the Committee Meetings and vote for all future decisions.

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If you want to receive and/or send us updates via the WhatsApp mobile application please complete this form. You will join a WhatsApp group with other residents so the updates will be available to all. Sensitive matters have to be sent by email or directly to the TRA mobile number.