This Saturday, 25th January 2020, the Curnock Street TRA members will distribute the following letter/leaflet to every flat on the estate:

Dear Resident,

Many of us have witnessed incidents of antisocial behaviour (ASB) and crime on Curnock Street Estate in recent years. Most of those incidents involved people who do not live on our estate and were not visiting its residents. To address this problem, we have started a petition for improved security and perimeter fencing. We believe this would considerably increase the safety and well-being of residents and subsequently improve their quality of life.

Other estates in the local area have had perimeter fencing installed and this led to a substantial reduction in crime on their estates. If similar fencing is installed on Curnock Street Estate then this will allow the communal areas to be used for leisure and social activities again. It will also prevent local businesses and residents from dumping their waste on our estate, resulting in a cleaner and healthier living environment.

Some of you may remember a previous proposal for fencing in 2001, which was very expensive and intrusive due to extensive works needed both inside and outside every flat. However, improved technology means that a new scheme can be implemented more flexibly and at a lower cost than before.
If you are in support then please sign this petition so that we can present it to Camden Council and initiate a new project to improve the security on our estate.

Yours sincerely,
Curnock Street Tenants and Residents Association

PLEASE SIGN THIS FORM: Petition form 2020

The online petition can be find at this link: Petition 2020