Curnock Street TRA is asking the residents support in order to demonstrate to the council the need for some security works on the estate. Some of the proposed works are quick fixes while the ultimate goal is the perimeter fencing around the estate which is more affordable now than a few years ago.

The affordability is due to the fact that the new intercom systems does not need wiring to each and every flat in order to work. This eliminates the need for works inside the flats and the buildings. No wires need to be installed and not special equipment inside the flats is necessary.

Please sign our petition here:

Curnock Street TRA has distributed leaflets about the petition to most flats. The remaining flats (Trimdon, Mexborough and Hickleton) will receive the petition leaflets tomorrow morning.

Paper forms will be used for all the residents who cannot sign the online petition. We will also have paper forms on the General Meeting today (9th July 2019) for any resident who would like to sign it.