Camden Council’s online form for reporting repairs is not working again even after the reassurances of Scot Reid – Head of Property Customer Services and Engagement. Web chat is offline because of the weekend and the telephone switchboard for ALL Camden services is out of reach.

At the same time, the online form asks you to sign for an account if you do not have one in place. If you do, then you login on this page. Then you go to repairs and click on the relevant icon which takes you back to the main council’s website where you cannot report anything.

Please report ALL your repairs to Mr Scot Reid – Head of Property Customer Services and Engagement at this email address

See below what happens when you try to use your resident’s account and/or the web form:

Other links on the council’s website are also not working. If you would like to “Report Street Damage or a Cleaning Issue” then you will receive this “about:blank#blocked” error on the web browser. It is clear that the webmaster of the Camden Council’s website has not performed and testing or simple checking to see if the links are working.