DATE: 26th May 2022

TIME: 18:00 – 19:30

VENUE: Crowndale Centre Р Committee Room 3 on the third floor



  1. Open Meeting & Welcome
  2. Apologies for Absence
  3. No Neighbourhood Housing Officer
  4. Noise from Flats (Goldthorpe, Barnbrough, etc)
  5. Heating system and reliability
  6. Current & Future Projects
    • Plants between The Marr and Goldthorpe and re-orientation of bricks (waiting for Colin Robery)
    • Other security measures (locks for gates, extra gates, fences)
    • CCTV third in line for the installation
    • Pratt Street Gate Repair
  7. Waste Management
    • Fly tipping from Street Properties
    • Complaint against Veolia and Vincent
    • Vote against any renewal of their contract
    • Raise this matter with DMC
    • Increase awareness about the importance of the gates to our safety.
  8. Other Updates
  9. Social Event Progress for the Queen’s Jubilee
  10. A.O.B.

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