DATE: 16th January 2022

TIME: 14:00 – 16:00



Zoom Meeting ID: 931 2493 0832


  1. Open Meeting & Welcome
  2. Apologies for Absence
  3. Interest in participating in police’s planned weapon sweep across the CURNOCK ESTATE
  4. DMC Meeting 12th January 2022 Agenda’s Report Pack
  5. Commercial Waste inside the estate & Penalties
  6. Rubbish from main street properties (Pratt, Bayham, Camden Street)
  7. Current Projects
  8. Outstanding Issues and Updates
    • Council tenants rights to claim against the building insurance
    • Trees
    • Meter Readings for utilities
    • Unauthorised alterations and formal action
    • FOI regarding written permissions
  9. Central Heating and Hot Water services
    • Three leaks and one problem with a valve
    • Hickleton repair permanent
    • Barnbrough might needs further work
    • Rustic pipes that have not been replaced during the last major works
  10. Promote Whatsapp groups or another way for news and collaboration with neighbours
  11. TRA’s Expenses
  12. Social Event for Queen’s Jubilee
  13. A.O.B.

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