Curnock Street Estate - Perimeter Fencing

Why is the perimeter fencing essential?
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The Importance of Perimeter Fencing

During the last 20 years, the residents have experienced many incidents of Anti Social Behaviour including Drug dealing, open fires, urinating on communal areas, open bin bags and throw rubbish everywhere, drugs usage, threats, open fires in communal areas, noise, parties, public disorder, threats, etc.

Almost all of those incidents were from people who did not live on the estate and /or did not have any links or connections to the estate residents. Many times the residents could not even return to their flats because groups of dealers or other ASB people were blocking the entrances/paths.

Searching the Rubbish bags

By fencing the estate and keeping the ASB people away of the estate, the crime will be reduced significantly and the communal areas could be used again for the residents’ leisure activities and well-being. During the lockdown the ASB activities were significantly reduced and residents for the first time in years managed to enjoy their own patios and communal areas.

Families and kids played football, tennis and other games in the areas between buildings, their patios and parks. A very pleasant and positive way for engagement with the community and other residents.

Before and after the lockdown, we have to deal with open bin bags, litter from businesses or non residents, drug users and dealers, non residents misusing the area. All of these will be eliminated by the installation of a perimeter fencing and the communal areas will be cleaner again and safe to use.

Original Plans for Perimeter Fencing (2001)

Curnock Street Estate had the opportunity to have a perimeter fencing in 2001 but the original plans in 2001 were very expensive and destructive due to major works needed outside and inside every flat.

Those plans included the isolation of each block and the construction of concrete corridors that in our opinion would have been more dangerous than the current open plan design that we are proposing.

The original plans had being rejected by the residents and the then TRA based on cost, aesthetics, inconvenience, etc

New Perimeter Fencing Solutions (2020)

Curnock Street TRA has already proposed a few security improvements to the estate (better lighting, moving forward the fence behind Warmsworth, block certain paths, etc) which have now been implemented with great results. ASB activities have been reduced dramatically and people feel already safer. However those solutions by themselves cannot stop non residents and dealers from entering and misusing the estate’s communal areas.

Curnock Street TRA has become aware of new NON destructive solutions that are cheaper, require minimal construction and no alterations or wiring to the flats. Residents would be able to open the gates from their flats using their phone or mobile. The gates will be installed with a system that basically calls the residents landline or mobile when someone is calling their flat from the gates panel. Read more at: Digital GSM Audio Intercom

Similar systems have been installed in other estates in Camden.


Why are we so confident that the perimeter fencing will be effective?

Apart from the perimeter fencing which is the ultimate goal for the security of the estate, Curnock Street TRA has managed to secure the construction of some gates in order to reduce the exits to the estate as per the police recommendations.

The main reason for the installation of the new gates was the reduction of the ASB inside the estate and especially on the path between those two buildings. Many non residents have used that path for ASB because it is hidden from the main road and allow them to escape via four different routes. By closing this path majority of the non residents, drug users and dealers have stopped visiting that part of the estate. If they do visit then they will have to pass in front of the CCTV cameras in which case the police and the Responsive Security Patrol will have some evidence/intelligence.

By installing a perimeter fencing we will be able to deter all the ASB elements from visiting the estate and using it for their illegal purposes.




Many times I have witnessed drug dealings as well as drugs abuse by non residents around Goldthorpe as well as on other parts of the estate. The constant abuse of the rubbish bins by businesses and non residents creates an unpleasant environment for the tenants and their guests. Loitering of youth groups in communal areas creates noise nuisance and insecurity to every resident who lives nearby.



I frequently have to deal with groups of people who come into our block and take over the communal staircase, smoking, drinking, using drugs, blocking the staircase and making a terrible mess (including urinating and defecating). When I ask them to leave, they just become abusive and threatening. One night, at 4am, a group tried to force my door and get into my flat. Also, since we have had the new bin houses installed outside Mexborough, people still come in from outside to use them, dump large items on the ground, and also go through the rubbish.




The rear of Warmsworth is used as a meeting point for drug dealers and users. I witness this almost daily. The bushes at the side of Warmsworth is used by dealers, users and the general public as a toilet. People go through the bins in front of Billingley ripping the bags open and leaving rubbish all over the floor which obviously encourages rats. Someone was stabbed right outside my flat and drugs are dealt and taken in front of my kitchen window.




I have lived in Mexborough for 6 years now and … the smell of weed continuously coming into our flat. Groups of druggies coming in and out of the flats. I have witnessed drug dealing outside.  I have also witnessed local druggies trying to gain  entry into the block to shelter from the rain.  People urinating  outside where the bins are and the commercial units  using our bins to dump their waste. And also residents from the private block of flats on Pratt Street using the bins. Also we have people who literally empty the bins to take stuff out most mornings. Leaving the rubbish on the ground.


Curnock Street Estate - Perimeter Fencing

Why is the perimeter fencing essential?
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