This petition is about better services around our estate and the need for Camden Council to listen, take action and show their duty of care for the residents. Those issues are:

  1. No Neighbourhood Officer since March 2022
  2. No Neighbourhood Manager since current officer is on leave with an unspecified timeframe
  3. No Quotes for vital projects around our estate including security fences, improvements, etc
  4. Waste management and fly tipping problems that have not been addressed for months
  5. Unresolved complaints raised with the council regarding lack of services and duty of care

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Since March 2022, our estate does not have a Neighbourhood Officer because Bronagh Todd was moved to another area. Camden Council allowed Bronagh to move without having a replacement for our estate. At the same time, the manager of Bronagh, Jonathan Windsor is on leave for an unspecified period of time (since March 2022)!

The above situation is having a detrimental effect on our estate and our well being because nobody is there to address issues such tenancy problems, rent, noise, ASB etc  

We are simply asking from the council to take action and reinstate a Neighbourhood Officer and Manager for our estate.

NOTE: Check Camden Council’s website about the above at this link:

Council’s website states: “… your first point of contact for anything about your tenancy is your neighbourhood housing officer. Contact your neighbourhood housing team for queries about any tenancy management issues such as rents, leasehold management, joining the caretaking visiting scheme, caretaking and anti-social behaviour. Face-to-face service at the Contact Camden reception point at 5 Pancras Square, N1C 4AG or other areas by appointment.

Curnock Street TRA has already achieved many improvements around the estate including LFB covers for communal entrance doors, better lighting, security fences, reduction of fly tipping (16 people have been identified by us), penalties for fly tipping and letters to street properties informing them about fly tipping inside our estate, new plants opposite Billingley, new plants and landscape in front of The Marr (coming soon), etc

However, the main challenge for achieving the above is funds that can mainly be requested via the DMC Bid process. This process does require quotes from three contractors as well as the support of the Neighbourhood Officer and Manager. Since we do not have anyone appointed for our estate the quotes are not processed and we are unable to bid for any funds.

We are simply asking from the Council to appoint someone to deal with our quotes while they are addressing the vacancies for officers.

During that last few months Veolia and the council have shown total disrespect to all of us by refusing to do what they promised and for refusing to take action to address the issues that we have reported. Those issues include non collections, fly tipping, bins left on pavements on the main street or on ramps, rude crews from Veolia, leaving security gates open, etc

Our TRA has campaigned for the last months to reduce the fly tipping, make sure that the gates are locked and the bins are returned to their position.

Unfortunately, Veolia and the council are refusing to take any meaningful action, hear our grievances and answer our questions.

Everybody living on the estate has rights including the right to question the council about the services that they provide and have a clear and timely response. If that response is not forthcoming or not satisfactory, then residents can follow the council’s complaints procedure. This procedure state the stages that need to be followed, instructions for appeal, etc. 

Recently the council has refused to address our complaints, they refuse our right to appeal and they have refused to provide information about our rights to take this matter to the next step.

We do not ask the council to agree with us. We ask them to follow their own complaints procedure and be fair, transparent as well as provide justification for their decisions.

Petition - Better Estate Services


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1 Mr. Roy W. Goldthorpe Jun 11, 2022

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For the last few months I have received many complaints from the residents regarding noise from other properties, problems with the bins, infestation, overgrown trees, broken branches, ASB, etc Since there is no Neighbourhood Officer to report those issues everything stays unresolved and has a negative impact on residents' lives. Also, any current outstanding issues are on standby until a new person is hired.

Dimitris P.


For some time now I have had a problem with my next door neighbour, who has taken to leaving his cat's pooh in packets outside the door on our common access walkway.

I have wanted to contact an estate manager to deal with the situation, but there is no-one in post, and the Neighbourhood Manager (next level up) has been off work for several months now.



Our house is covered with overgrown trees at back and the front of the house.  We need to use lights during the day because the house gets so dark. I have raised the issue but no results.



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