Curnock Street TRA has received the following email from the Tenant Participation team regarding the celebrations of 100 years of council housing.

Dear TRA representatives and DMC Chairs

As you may already be aware, this year we’re celebrating 100 years of council housing in Camden.

We want to build a picture of council housing in our borough over the last century so we are asking everyone who has ever lived in a Camden council home to share their photos and memories with us. We know that as tenant representatives you have a unique insight into your communities and many of you have been involved for a long time – and we’d like to hear your stories! We would like to speak to as many residents as possible about their experience of living in Camden council homes, so if you or anyone you know would be interested in being interviewed for the campaign, please email

 We are also on the look-out for photos of our housing stock from 1919 until now. If you have any old photos of your estate or street property – of the buildings, inside homes, in gardens, of parties, big events like the coronation or jubilees, community parties, kids playing out, first day at school photos, old TRA meetings, family photos taken in and around council homes – we would love to see them. Please also encourage other residents to share their photos as this will really help to bring the campaign to life. Email with any photos or questions.

 As part of the celebrations we are also running a photography competition for residents (any photos that you share with us can also be entered into the photography competition) and would really appreciate your help to promote it.

In the competition we are asking residents to send us the photos, both old and new, that show what makes their council house home. There are three categories – bricks and mortar, home, and then and now. For each category there are two age groups: young photographers (under 18s) and adults (18 and over). All winners will receive a large framed print of their photograph and have their photo featured in the Camden magazine and the virtual Camden People’s Museum. Full details are on our website at

 Posters to promote the competition are available to all TRAs. If you would like posters to promote the competition to residents where you live, please contact the housing news team at to let us know how many posters you need, your TRA and your postal address. All posters will be A4.

Thank you in advance for your help in this campaign.

Housing news team

Telephone:    020 7974 4444

Third floor
5 Pancras Square
London N1C 4AG