DATE: 27th April 2017

TIME: 18:30 – 20:30

MEMBERSHIP: TRA Officers & representatives

VENUE: Goldthorpe

Camden Street

London NW1 0HH

  1. Welcome by Chair and Introductions – explanation for cancellation of planned meeting 2nd March
  2. Apologies for Absence –  June?
  3. Minutes of previous meeting
  4. Matters arising from last minutes

*Heating Survey – when the results of the heating survey sent to all residents are received a meeting will be held to answer any questions from residents and to explain in detail any proposed future works.

* Revised estimate for Boiler House Refurbishment – James asked for clarification as to whether leaseholders have the power to choose whoever is to carry out the work on any forthcoming phase. No, this is put out to tender by Camden and residents are not involved

* Parties and Noise – Camden have prepared a draft notice which they are happy for us to change, a copy of our amended version will be distributed at this meeting. Unfortunately, Camden do not have the resources to distribute this to all residents and therefore we propose putting this on the block noticeboards.

  1.  Rubbish Bins/Refuse Disposal
  2.      Security – Perimeter Fencing
  3.    Committee Procedures – these are as set out in the Constitution.
  4.     Bookings for forthcoming Meetings, i.e. General Meeting, AGM and Committee    Meetings have been made and dates will be advised at the meeting.
  5.     Representation and developing membership more fully across the Estate – suggestions as to how this can be achieved would be welcomed – Fred
  6. Strategy and Priorities – Fred
  7. Date and Time of Next Committee Meeting – June 2017