DATE: 26th March 2023

TIME: 14:00 – 15:30

VENUE: Goldthorpe


  1. Open Meeting & Welcome
  2. Apologies for Absence
  3. Cost of living and service charges/rents – Read more
    • Ask council for information before we start paying
    • See previous accounts
    • Actions that council has taken or will take for the inefficiencies
    • Responsibilities and way forward
  4. Heating issues and complaint (Darfield etc)
  5. Noise nuisance from flats
  6. Homeowner News Spring 2023
    • Metal grilles or gates on front doors are a risk.
    • Alterations and written permission
    • How many residents have written permissions?
    • How many have completed alterations without permisisons?
    • What kind of checks does the council do to stop those alterations?
  7. Letter and further actions to all residents about
    • Lime Bikes – Action and Next steps
    • Bulky Items – Procedures and Policing for new bulky rooms
    • Proper disposal of huge carton boxes
    • Parking inside the estate
  8. Gardening Club
    • Core members
    • Materials needed
    • Purchases
    • Establish key dates
    • Email about trees and
    • St Pancras Community Centre Volunteers
  9. Lonely or vonularble people on the estateĀ 
  10. Drug abuse from estate residents
  11. TRA’s Projects – Updates
    • Second quote for planters received
    • Gates and one quote for one gate only
    • CCTV (TBA)
    • Emails and inactivity
  12. A.O.B.