DATE: 20th September 2020

TIME: 14:00 – 16:00


ZOOM Meeting ID: 931 2493 0832

Password: Will be sent by email


  1. Open Meeting & Welcome
  2. Apologies for Absence
  3. Heating Updates
    • Heating survey report
    • Extra works on the boiler house
    • Solar Panels on the roofs
    • Why the previous major works made the boiler house inefficient? Who is responsible?
  4. ASB on the estate
    • Community Protection Notice (allows us to ban people from the estate or seize certain behaviours)
    • Update about Mexborough (CCTV, etc)
    • ASB near Trimdon & Ravenscar
  5. Updates
  6. Project: Concrete cones for areas around trees
  7. Security Updates
    • Gates improvements behind Barnborough (Current 1Current 2)
    • Temporary fence between The Marr and Thurnscoe (awaiting quote)
  8. Perimeter Fencing
    • Letters of support from the police regarding the perimeter fencing
    • Replies from council
  9. Update posters on all buildings
  10.  A.O.B.

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