Community Gardening

Gardening in a big city and especially in a big estate is not an easy task to achieve. Many of our residents enjoy gardening but until now, we did not have the opportunity or space for such activities. Curnock Street TRA managed to secure an area inside the estate for residents to use for gardening and we are planning to secure two more in the near future.

A New Club For All Residents

Community Gardening Team is looking for regular volunteers to help us in our new Community Garden (including jobs such as watering, planting) as well as involved in the TRA Committee (including designing posters, organising events, promoting the projects). Please contact for further information.

What We Do

Hands-on Sessions

We aim to organise round-table discussions about a popular topic. Or schedule fun hands-on sessions building tomato cages or demonstrating propagating plants by cuttings. By joining us, you can organize plant or seed swaps, or work together to plant a community garden, or care for a public green space.

Look After Communal Plants

Camden Council will bring new plants on our estate this Autumn. We need people with passion who would love to share their knowledge and be willing to help on the upkeeping of the new plants.

Share Knowledge

Why not sharing those useful tips about certain plants with your neighbours.

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Want to Work With Us?

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Our Primary Goals

Bring Residents Together

The aim of this garden club is to unite men and woman of all ages who share a common love of flowers, shrubs, and vegetable plants. If the idea sounds intriguing, consider join us.

Make our area better

Plants and flowers make the estate look better and enhances the quality of life for all the residents. 

Utilise Our Communal Space

Certain plants are also useful for reducing ASB on the estate and at the same time encourages residents to use the communal areas more.

Get In Touch

The best garden clubs take advantage of everyone’s knowledge. One way to do this is via a gardening club like this.

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