Report your repair via webchat

You can now report emergency and essential repairs through webchat. The new repairs webchat is quick and convenient, saving you time when booking a repair.

Throwing away bulky rubbish and furniture

If you need to throw away any bulky items (for example mattresses, sofas, chests of drawers) please contact your caretaking manager (Camden Town – Johaan Seesahai 020 7974 6005) before putting the item out so Camden Council can arrange for it to be collected.

Never have a BBQ on your balcony/patio

Never have a BBQ in a small or enclosed space like a balcony/patio, barbecues can easily cause fires and could cause carbon monoxide to build up in you or your neighbours’ flats – carbon monoxide is an odourless gas that can kill in minutes.

Curnock Street TRA - Meeting

25th April 2021









Please tell us your priorities for the estate or any issues that you want us to address in the next meeting.


See a list of all the projects that we are involved and the progress so far. Contact us for the login details.


The petition for the perimeter fencing around the estate is an undeniable success.

Council Contacts

See a list of some useful contacts on the Camden Council

What can the TRA do for me?

The Curnock Street Tenants and Residents Association represent the views of tenants and residents to the local authority, Camden Council and any other public authority or organisation providing services to local residents.

Security Contacts

See a list of contacts related to ASB and security on the estate.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved and be part of the Curnock Street Community. Please check all the options here.


Sign up if you would like to receive updates about issues on the estate.

How often do you meet?

We have a meeting every 8 weeks.

Participation & Engagement

If you would like to receive updates about the Curnock Street TRA and all the future plans for the estate please sign up. We will try to have updates about all issues that residents are facing as well as news about future meeting or social events. You could also participate in making the estate a better and safer place to live. Please follow the link below for more information.